Considering Self-Employment?

Do you feel under-valued or unappreciated in your present job or role? Are you considering self-employment or starting your own business but don’t know what to do first? Do you need simple, practical, hand holding to get your idea off the ground? If so, then what we have in our “STRATEGY” channel might just be of interest…

Perhaps, you’ve already got a business, but have stagnated and are requiring some clarity, vision and direction, to help take the business to the next level? Are you frustrated about your current “feast or famine” situation, or are getting anxious about which direction you should be taking the business? If you’re concerned about a future gameplan, improving cashflow, profitability, adding revenue streams or keeping lenders, shareholders and stakeholders happy then…

One thing is for sure. You need a game plan, a strategy. You need a plan of action that will provide not only direction, but includes all the practical stuff on how you will generate leads, enquiries, prospects, sales & referrals. I offer coaching & consultancy services for creating business start-up plans & marketing plans. But first, put me to the test for FREE.

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