Books & Works

Fraser has written and co-written a number of books, workshops, training courses and coaching programmes.

  • How to make money on
  • Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working
  • Wakeup (Co-Author)
  • The 30 Day Social Media Plan
  • The Lead Generation MBA
  • Quantum Marketing: Discovering Marketing from the Inside Out
  • Quantum Living: How to live the life you want
  • The 90 Day Marketing Plan
  • S.T.A.R.T. Selling

Available for Different Types of Engagements

Fraser is a versatile, knowledgeable and entertaining speaker and can deliver his content in a number of formats.

  • 30-60 Min. Break Out Session
  • 30-90 Min. Keynote
  • 30-90 Min. Multi-speaker event
  • 30-90 Min. Multi-speaker (with offers) event
  • 30-90 Min. Teleconference/teleseminar
  • 30-90 Min. On Demand / Live Webinars (with delivery platform)
  • Half Day Training (On site))
  • Full-Day Sales Training Immersion Day
  • Full-Day Marketing / Social Media Immersion Day
  • Full-Day Personal Development Immersion Day
  • Full-Day Business Start-Up Immersion Day
  • 2-3 day on-site Immersion Experiences on above topics

Titles & Topics

Fraser offers content in 3 key areas:

MINDSET (Personal Development)

    • Quantum Living: How to live the life you want
    • Goal Setting doesn’t Work
    • The Power of Proactive Creative Thinking

STRATEGY (Business Start-Up)

    • The 7Rs of Business Start-Up
    • BBRW: The Ultimate Referral Marketing System
    • What Do You Do?

TACTICS (Online & Offline Marketing)

  • The 90 Minute Marketing Plan
  • The Forgotten Principles of Modern Marketing
  • Why Your (Online) Marketing Isn’t Working & What You Can Do About It

Ideal Audience

It doesn’t matter whether its 1 or 1000, Fraser loves to “entertrain”:

  • Pupils / Students
  • Pre-Start Entrepreneurs
  • Start-Up Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Managers & Policy Makers
  • C Level Executives / Board of Management
  • Authors
  • Coaches & Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Sales Executives & People involved in Selling

Questions You Need To Answer

Before contacting Fraser, there are some points you might need to consider:

  • What type of speaking engagement is required (and for how long)?
  • What type of Content is required?
  • What is the theme & title of the event?
  • When is event and where will it be?
  • What is the audience size & demographics
  • What would you like Fraser to achieve with the audience?
  • Will the event be filmed/recorded?
  • Do you want to deliver the content online?
  • Do you have a list of other speakers & topics
  • Do delegates/participants require hand outs or workbooks?

Next Steps

To Download a copy of Fraser’s Bio & Speakers Kit, Click HERE.


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