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I don’t know what state you’re in at the moment…
…be it personally, professionally or commercially,
but if you want to grow this year or get paid
to help others grow, then… 

…read this page in its entirety, before coming to the conclusion that’s right for you.

Grow Your Business Club

Stop Struggling. Start Growing.

How Much Do You Want To Grow
…Personally, Professionally & Commercially…
…in 2013?

Many business owners don’t know whats holding them back and preventing them from achieving their personal, professional & commercial goals and objectives. People who approach us, tend to be self-employed business owners.

But, they’re also often…

  • Pre-Start Entrepreneurs about to start a business
  • Start-Up Entrepreneurs recently started a business
  • Existing Business Owners who have been trading for a while

They are usually professional service providers such as accountants, coaches, tradesmen, financial advisers, consultants, or those that we list in the table below.

They tend to be proactive, helpful, optimistic individuals focussed on helping their own clients to achieve their goals and objectives.

Others are owners, managers and entrepreneurs wanting practical help, guidance and support with their own business venture in generating more traffic, leads, enquiries, prospects, sales and referrals.

In short, the one area they all want help with is……MARKETING.

And we offer help, guidance and support via our online business club, coaching and consultancy directly, indirectly, individually and in groups.

(Both online and offline.)

Grow Your Business Club

Should You Consider Joining the Club?

YES, if…

  • YOU’VE GOT AN IDEA FOR STARTING A BUSINESS You’ve probably got an idea for starting a business, haven’t started yet and want help, guidance and support to develop your idea, create your business plan and get it off the starting block
  • YOU’VE RECENTLY STARTED A BUSINESS but you’re struggling to get noticed, generate leads or win new business. You lack visibility in your local market, don’t have advocates to recommend you, and simply want to improve your marketing skills and knowledge
  • YOU’VE ALREADY GOT A BUSINESS but your marketing has stagnated. You’ve tried networking clubs, twitter, facebook pages, you’ve even got a profile but your marketing simply isn’t generating the results you want. You just don’t know what to do to get it all working for you, and you want someone you can trust, that’s not going to let you down or make false promises.
  • YOU DON’T WANT IVORY TOWER IDEAS or TEXT BOOK THEORY. You don’t want academic, management book advice full of acronyms and jargon. No. You want straight talking help, guidance and support that’s practical, proven, easy to understand and easy to implement. You want help from someone thats been there and done it – in the trenches, and understands whats its really all about.
  • YOU LOVE SERVICING CLIENTS BUT HATE MARKETING and guess what? There are lots of people out there just like you. They love doing what they do with clients and customers, but they just simply hate spending time on all the marketing stuff involved in finding and winning new clients. Quite often because they don’t understand it or just don’t want to do it – is that you?
  • YOU’VE BECOME DISILLUSIONED WITH BREAKFAST CLUBS & other networking groups because you haven’t experienced or have benefited from the value they’re supposed to offer. It appears to be the same people week in, week out, always on the take and lookout for new business, never giving you referrals, recommendations or opportunities you were led to believe that you’d get.
  • YOU WANT TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL but your regular source of leads and how you generate new business isn’t as good as it used to be or needs to be? Markets are changing all the time, in every industry across the globe and you need to build up your sales pipeline, without spending a fortune.

Grow Your Business Club

When It Comes To Marketing, Is This You…?

Grow Your Business Club

We think, that we might be able to help you and your business…

We want to help you grow your business. Every concept, technique, recommendation or idea we share with you is NOT text book theory or ivory tower, pie in the sky naval gazing. No. We take you by the hand and help you formulate your thinking, put real numbers to your thinking, and help you apply real solutions to real problems and convert real sales opportunities into cash.

The Grow Your Business Club (GYBC) is both an online and offline resource designed exclusively for self-employed business ownersbacked up with live fortnightly meetings, coaching calls, articles, videos and practical how to tips all designed to help pre-start, start-up, and existing business owners to better market their products, services and solutions.

The purpose of the Club is to give you what you need to generate enquiries, leads, sales and referrals online and offline. The concepts, techniques, principles, strategies and ideas that we share online and offline at our live meetings, are designed to help you achieve your sales and marketing objectives.

We help our members and clients to identify and address each of the marketing issues, challenges and obstacles that’s holding them back and preventing them from achieving their marketing objectives. Having helped them identify why their marketing isn’t working, they can choose to work with us to put together a plan of action to take their business to the next level.

All members own, manage or run a small business. They tend to be masters of their own ship. They make the decisions. They choose how serious they want to get with their marketing. They choose the objectives they want to reach, they choose which areas they want help with, and we assist via our online resource, fortnightly meetings, workshops, training, coaching and consultancy.

Grow Your Business Club

It’s true – size doesn’t matter…
(but a positive, practical, proactive & pragmatic outlook does!)

Is your success assured and guaranteed? Maybe. Maybe Not. Our clients, members & customers interested in succeeding with their marketing, typically share many of the following characteristics. If these apply to you, then we’re fairly confident we can help you in your business venture.

  • Your focus is on your clients – Not You – You’re focussed on generating results for clients, and focussed on what they’re going to get, not you.
  • Highest Standards – You don’t like coming second. You want to be the best in your field.
  • You know “your onions” – You know your market, and understand the problems, pains, needs and frustrations of your market.
  • You’re NOT a Quitter – You have a strong resilience and are persistent in striving towards your success, by working in your business every single day.
  • You know you don’t have ALL the answers – But value other’s expertise and are prepared to listen and accept advice, counsel and direction if it can help you.
  • Prepared to invest in yourself and your venture – You appreciate the value of investing in yourself.
  • You appreciate the “givers gain” mindset – You value and understand “reciprocity” and the importance of having a good team or network of people to help you.

The onus however, isn’t on us – it’s on you.

It’s your business. You make the decisions. You decide how much success you want.

You decide how much you want to embrace, engage and apply what we share. Not us.

One thing’s for sure, there’s only one way to fail, and that is to quit.

Grow Your Business Club

Are you serious about not wanting to keep  struggling on by yourself, facing the same challenges as you had last year?
If so, it’s time to change. It’s time to take ACTION.

Grow Your Business Club

Sole Proprietor? Husband & Wife Team? Limited Partnership?
Director of a company of less than 5 employees?

What will you get when you sign up for a PERSONAL Grow Your Business Club membership?

The knowledge, contacts and opportunities in the Club are made available to help you win more clients for your products and services. When you choose to join the club, attend our regular meetings, interact with your fellow members and change the way you manage your marketing, you can expect the following:

1. You will feel more confident in knowing why your marketing isn’t working and what you need to do to overcome the issues, challenges and obstacles that are holding you back and preventing you from achieving the results you want.

2. You will have a laser like focus on who you want to work with, and why. You will focus more on who you want to work with, and those who will be prepared to pay what you’re really worth.

3. You will have a clear understanding of the problems, needs and frustrations of your target market, the impact and cost of these problems, and how you can present your solution online and offline encouraging more prospects to buy from you.

4. You will generate more back-links and traffic to your website. You will be able to raise the visibility of your site, products and services online and thus drive more interested parties to you.

5. You will be able to articulate clear marketing messages that get specific, clear calls to action and engagement from prospective customers including more emails, more phone calls, more appointments, and more orders.

6. You will receive more requests to do business from better qualified prospects. Instead of wasting time, money and energy on people who were perhaps just “shopping around” you will be able to disqualify the tyre kickers and those who don’t meet your criteria to enable you to focus on and convert interested prospects into more sales.

7. You’ll generate better qualified, higher quality referrals. The quality of the referrals you receive will increase because others will know who to refer to you and why thanks to your growing reputation that you excel at what you do in solving real problems for others – resulting in even more clients.

Grow Your Business Club

Whilst we accept members from many different sized businesses and business sectors…You don’t want your competitors signing up and gaining an unfair advantage, instead of you – do you?

In fact, we work with owners, managers, directors & entrepreneurs in the following sectors/industries

(as well as many others.)

  • Accountant
  • Architectural Services
  • Bank Services
  • Bookkeeper
  • Builder
  • Business Advisor
  • Business Coach
  • Business Insurance
  • Car Repairs
  • Car Sales, Leasing
  • Car Services
  • Carpenter
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Caterer
  • Cleaning Services
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Sales-Service
  • Computer Software Sales-Services
  • Electrician
  • Engineer
  • Flooring/Carpets
  • Florist
  • General-Motor Insurance
  • Graphic Designer
  • Health and Safety Consulting
  • Hospitality or TourismIndependent
  • Financial AdvisorInterior Designer
  • Landscaping Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Mortgages
  • Office Products
  • Painter and Decorator
  • Photographer
  • Plumber
  • Printer
  • Property Maintenance
  • Property Management
  • Recruitment or Human Resources
  • Residential Property
  • Security Systems
  • Sign Company
  • Solicitor
  • Surveyor for Residential Property
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Travel Agent
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting-Design
  • Windows-Doors


Grow Your Business Club

Do you think small business owners could benefit from some of this…?
(For this is what they get when JOIN & UPGRADE)

Grow Your Business Club

Stop and think, for a moment…
Grow Your Business Club Members don’t have a herd mentality.
They view marketing as an investment – Not A Cost.

OK, So you know you get access to all the written, recorded, and video content, plus you get to attend the live local meetings in your area to meet your fellow members and to share your successes and hear of the successes of your fellow members too.

But, if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always had.

It’s a mind-set thing, and you need to change the way you think and manage your marketing.




Now imagine if as a member of the Grow Your Business Club, We help you to understand why your marketing isn’t working, and what content, knowledge and information you need. We can also show you how to apply what we share to help increase the ROI of your membership, and help you win more business, more clients and more referrals.

Imagine, if with our help you generated 5, 10 or 30 new clients…How much would that be worth to you?


Imagine, if you do nothing, things stay the same, as you continue to struggle on, but your local competitor signs up & starts stealing new business right from underneath your nose, just because you couldn’t be bothered…

…how would that make you feel?

With our online platform, you can test blogs, articles, headlines, adverts – in fact every aspect of your marketing, and get much needed feedback.

Each local offline meeting has a focussed agenda. Progress is recorded, issues and challenges are discussed and addressed.

You remain in control. You seek counsel, and support. You get knowledge, contacts and opportunities.

You decide how much success you want. You decide on what your priorities are. You decide which tools you’ll use and profit from.

You are in business for yourself, not by yourself, and there’s a team of people waiting to help.

Decide today that you want to change.

Decide today to take action.

Decide today that you want to identify, addresss and overcome the marketing issues that are holding you back and preventing you from generating the growth, lifestyle and life you want.

Simply click the link below, which will take you to a PayPal order button where you can pay your first month’s subscription.

You can cancel at any time you choose.

Upon signing up, you will get immediate access to our online mastermind group:

  • EDIT/Update Your Profile so that fellow members can find you within the club.
  • DEMONSTRATE your knowledge, wisdom and expertise in your own blog, in our forums and groups.
  • INTRODUCE Yourself, and tell your fellow members what you offer, and who you help
  • CONNECT & ENGAGE with your fellow members, LIKE & SHARE their content online, and they will reciprocate.
  • GET SERIOUS, Upgrade, join (or start) a local club in your area.

And remember, if you need help, you can always use the LIVE Chat for realtime support so we can point you in the right direction.

Would you like real world support, and practical help to address and overcome the current issues, challenges and obstacles that are holding you back and preventing your own growth?

Grow Your Business Club

Still not sure?

Consider these 6 vital points.

1. Re-read the entire contents of this letter, and then return to point 2 below.

2. Do you want things to continue the way they are? Or do you want them to improve? Do you want to grow your business?

3. Just One Client I suspect, in the next 12 months, will help pay for everything we give you access to.

4. What if that client gives you 2 new referrals after you follow the advice we offer in the club. Do you want to turn away that future business? Think how much could that advice be worth to you if you keep getting 2 referrals from every new client we help you win, over the next 3 – 5 years?

5. And what if you want to EXIT, retire, sell or hang up your guns in the not too distant future? Will you be grateful that you learned about how to increase the life time value of a client, and generate passive revenue streams, afterall?

6. THINK! You have spent years learning what you know, mastering your craft, and your strengths can help others with weaknesses that you can fix, solve or remedy. Your prospects are people who do not know what you know, don’t have what you offer, and could well be existing members within the club. You’re probably an EXPERT in an area that our existing members could benefit from, and that represents an even bigger opportunity for GROWTH – for all concerned.

Let’s make the next 12 months, the best you’ve ever had

Fraser J. Hay

Fraser J. Hay

P.S. If you’re still unsure whether you need to invest in yourself, your marketing or your business, please complete our FREE MARKETING AUDIT to see whether we can help you or NOT. If we can’t identify key issues, challenges or obstacles that may be holding you back and preventing you from generating the marketing results you want, then don’t even think about signing up. Seriously. We only want to work with those who are serious about their future. We know we’re serious about your future, so put us to the TEST for FREE – NOW before deciding whether to sign up, and if you are serious about your future, then sign up now, today – before your competitors do.

Grow Your Business Club

Oh, and one last thing…

Grow Your Business Club