Business Mastermind Group – The Red Hand Gang.

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Is This You?


Are you experiencing any of the following challenges?

  • Purpose – You lack direction or clarity, and would love to identify, pursue and live your life’s purpose?
  • Income – You appear to be working harder and longer than ever, but your earning power hasn’t matched or exceeded the requirements of your growing family, children’s education or retirement plans?
  • Results – If you work for yourself, has your marketplace become more competitive, and you require greater results and conversions from your sales and marketing efforts?
  • Progress – Are you an employee in a company hiring younger people and paying them lower salaries, leaving you questioning why you’re doing what you’re doing still working for that organisation?
  • Isolation – Have you recently left corporate life, to pursue your own endeavours, but would welcome, help guidance and support 24/7/365 from like minded success driven individuals in similar positions to yourself?
  • Appreciation – Do you have a job, and feel like a slave, barely existing and working from pay cheque to pay cheque, with no visible way out?
  • Obsolescence – You’ve invested years of study into a profession or trade and now its obsolete replaced by lower paid competition or some new technology?
  • Doubt – Do you have doubts or concerns about your future, or your family’s future, and whether you will be able to maintain the lifestyle you want (or they need)?


If you find yourself facing any of the above challenges, then please be re-assured that you are not alone and many, many people have overcome similar situations and experiences and that its easier than you think, as a member of the business mastermind group – The Red Hand Gang…


So how does the Group come to be called “The Red Hand Gang”?


Back in the 1980s, there was a kids TV Programme called “The Red Hand Gang”, it was fun, it was different, and it was about a group of kids who loved to come together to solve issues, challenges and mysteries.

Each young member of the gang was different. Each was resourceful, street wise, and they each had a unique collection of knowledge, skills and talent, and when they combined those skills and resources, they could do anything, and achieve anything by working together and focussing on a common goal or “mission”….

…and you just wanted to be part of the gang, and not home alone, infront of your screen, on the sidelines, away from all the action. No. You wanted to be in the middle of it all, you wanted to be a member of the gang with your own nickname and demonstrating how resourceful you could be to help your fellow gang members…

…You wanted to be accepted by the others, call yourself a member, and leave your mark wherever you went.

More often than not, they would overcome, address or solve a particular problem, obstacle or mystery in one episode, without you shouting at your telly, but sometimes you were left with a “cliff hanger” involving a particular gang member or members….

…You were left dangling with un-answered questions, thus encouraging you to tune in the following week to the next episode to see what happened, for you were willing them to win, to come good, to overcome their challenges,and solve the “mystery”.

You just wanted to be there in the thick of it, because you knew what had to be done and how you could help Frankie, Doc, JR, Joanne, Lil Bill and even their dog – Boomer to take the right course of action in order to overcome their challenge(s), solve the mystery and win the day.

The Red Hand Gang Business Mastermind Group,
has been created on a similar premise.

Why would professional business owners

want to become a member of a

business mastermind group?

It’s all about a group of individuals regardless of creed, education or social status or where they are in the development of their own business or business idea coming together to share, address and solve a particular business problem, challenge or mystery in one session (or episode.)

Each member has their own business, they’re each in control of their own destiny, they make the decisions, and they can choose to participate online in the group members area, offline in a group setting or in a private 1-2-1 setting with fellow members.

Each online or offline session or episode is spent identifying, sharing and solving a relevant issue, challenge, obstacle or mystery in 4 key stages of running a business –

• Pre-Start
• Start-Up
• Survival
• Growth

And just like the ever popular TV series, there are specific episodes or sessions, that make compulsive viewing, and encourage action to be taken by the gang members. And the more resourceful members participating, the quicker individual mysteries are solved, “cliff hangers” are wrapped up, solutions are provided, and the right results generated for all concerned.

So Why the “red hand” logo?

In the TV series, the Red Hand Gang was so called because of the red hand print that they left by painting it on buildings, fences, and where ever they went searching for more fun, more challenges and more mysteries to solve, simply to mark where they had been.

You can get your own Red Hand Gang hand print to add to your website, online social networking profile or email signature to remind other business owners that you’re a member of the Red Hand Gang, you are resourceful, and to mark where you’ve been, where you belong and where you’re heading….

For you just don’t know how big it could get. Now…

Sit back & read the following in it’s entirety before deciding whether you should join or not…

The Problem With Most Business Clubs…

• Members can’t or don’t see any “value” or reason in joining or attending
• Members don’t have or can justify the “time” to join or attend.
• Members don’t receive personalised specific advice or support – its very generic
• There is no accountability of the organisation nor its members to each other
• They charge an annual fee which many small businesses can’t justify the expense
• Many networking clubs suffer from “churn” and dwindling members fees/revenues
• Many members get overwhelmed by advice that’s simply not relevant or useful to them
The Red Hand Gang

Do You Want To Grow Your Business…?

…Or Do You Need Practical Marketing Help, Guidance,

And Support That Works, And Gets Results…?


Do You Want Real Help, without hype, spin

or false promises?

If you’re not generating the results you want from your marketing, then perhaps it’s time to change the way you manage your marketing before your competitors do.

Every business, regardless of industry, NEEDS LEADS. Before a customer is generated and a sale is made, you need a suspect, prospect, or referral. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling insurance, coaching, vitamins, hotel rooms, or websites, if you’re not continually generating new leads or referrals, very quickly you won’t have a business.

Fact – Winning business isn’t as easy as it used to be. Businesses are continually looking for better and faster ways of generating new leads, prospects and referrals for their products and services. You have to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Fact – Starting and running your own business can be a lonely affair. Sometimes you don’t know what you should be doing, or how to do it. It’s nice to know to you’re doing the right things in the right way and getting the results you want from others who’ve done it.

Fact – However, Social Media isn’t all it’s cracked up to be if you don’t know who you’re targeting, don’t know where they hang out, what their problems, pains and frustrations are, what the message is your trying to convey and don’t have a compelling reason to engage with you compared to your competition.

Fact – 99% of websites are not generating traffic let alone sales. It’s true. There are over 12 billion websites on the internet, and many of your competitors are losing 2/3rds of the prospects because of one simple factor which we’ll cover later. But first, you need to ensure your competitors don’t take away customers from you.

Fact – Marketing Professionals want to be compensated for their time. But many businesses simply can’t afford £50,000 to £100,000 a year to employ a marketing manager or marketing director, or £500 to £2500 a day to employ a marketing consultant.

We want to help you and can offer a solution to fit your needs and budget.

Fact – Time costs money. Many business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time or the staff to take time off to go on a 3 day or 5 day marketing seminar, like some of those high cost seminars we’ve seen advertised in the press or on the internet.

Fact – Shareholders, customers and consumers are becoming more demanding. This is forcing businesses of all shapes and sizes to generate bigger and better results. Senior management teams, business owners and entrepreneurs simply want more business fast. You owe it to yourself, to start profiting more from the excellent products and service you offer, and to start rewarding yourself for working smarter not harder.

The Red Hand Gang

Will We Help You To Be Successful?

Maybe. Maybe not, but I have to warn you at this stage, that we do not accept just anyone. What’s more, it’s possible that you’ve got more business than you can cope with online and offline, have a full order book for the next 6 months, and your diary is packed full of appointments for the next 10 weeks. If so, then you probably don’t need our help.

However, if any of the following marketing issues, challenges or obstacles applies to you, then we think you might just benefit from applying to join:

You don’t suppose you ever…

• Lack Clarity, Vision or Purpose?
• Wonder why others succeed at marketing and you don’t?
• Feel stressed about a lack of pipeline?
• Not identified the root cause of your marketing problems?
• Feel overwhelmed by all things “marketing”?
• Get frustrated by your lack of progress and sales?
• Feel under pressure to get your marketing “sorted”?

Do you ever struggle to…?

• Generate sales online?
• Frustrated with generating new signups online?
• Want more downloads online?
• Need more qualified leads?
• Want more people to bring you opportunities?
• Need more exposure online?

Do you ever feel under pressure to…?

• Generate a greater ROI from your website?
• Increase revenue from your website?
• Do you need more signups via your website?
• What about revenue streams from your website?
• Do you need to increase the Life Time Value of your clients?
• Want to raise your awareness online?

Are you perhaps, disappointed with…?

• The amount of local business you generate?
• Frustrated with generating local awareness?
• Want spend less, but achieve more?
• Need more results locally?
• Want more impact in your local area?
• Need more local exposure online?

Have you ever experienced…?

• A difficult sales question that you couldn’t answer?
• You wished you had better product knowledge?
• Felt that the prospect just wasn’t interested?
• Thought that the prospect’s face – said it all?
• Failed to ask for the order, cheque or purchase order?
• Knew you weren’t going to get the sale but didn’t know why?

You don’t suppose you ever followed up a prospect…?

• Just to be told they’re always “in a meeting”?
• To continually be put through to voice mail jail?
• Knowing you’d given them loads of FREE advice at the meeting?
• Having documented all your ideas in a proposal for nothing?
• To be told you were unlucky, but maybe “next time”?
• The person you met wanted to give you the business but their boss didn’t?
• …and even today, you still don’t know why they didn’t say “Yes” ?

Have you ever wondered…?

• What actually should be in a “social media marketing plan” document?
• How others get the investment they need to fund their marketing endeavours?
• What the best plan of action quick was to bring in sales and cash fast?
• How you could leverage the talent of a marketing consultant without hiring him?
• What it would be like to do no “selling” on appointments, and they simply said “yes”?

Now if you run, manage or own a small business, you’ll probably be skeptical, mistrusting and quite often it takes a lot to convince you that you’re making the right decision. I can understand that for I’m Scottish, and every penny is a prisoner. Each one is accounted for, and I hate parting with them unless it makes bloody good commercial sense. And you should be the same.

In fact, I implore you to be more careful with your cash, as you’ve worked damn hard to earn it, and I want every last penny you invest in your marketing to be working for you.

Many believe they need to know, like and trust the source of the help or be personally introduced to them by someone who’s already benefited from what’s on offer. Many stop themselves embracing people that can help, and thus , often continue to experience “feast or famine” syndrome, increased frustration and opportunity cost as a result of the symptoms of their entrepreneurial problems, issues and challenges that go un checked or resolved.

If your marketing isnt working, can you really keep doing what you’re doing, ignoring the signs, and denying yourself the ROI, the lifestyle and the help that could be yours?

The Red Hand Gang

Will We Really Help You in Working For Yourself?

One thing’s for sure…

We want to help you grow your business. Every concept, technique, recommendation or idea we share with you is NOT text book theory or ivory tower, pie in the sky naval gazing. No. We take you by the hand and help you formulate your thinking, put real numbers to your thinking, and help you apply real solutions to real problems and convert real sales opportunities into cash.

The Red Hand Gang is an online resource designed exclusively for self-employed business owners backed up with live meetings, coaching calls, webinars and practical how to tips all designed to help pre-start, start-up, and existing business owners to better market their products, services and solutions.

The purpose of the Club is to help you grow your business by giving you what you need to generate enquiries, leads, sales and referrals online and offline. The concepts, techniques, principles, strategies and ideas that we share online and offline at our live meetings, are designed to help you achieve your sales and marketing objectives.

We help our members and clients to identify and address each of the marketing issues, challenges and obstacles that’s holding them back and preventing them from achieving their marketing objectives. Having helped them identify why their marketing isn’t working, they can choose to work with us to put together a plan of action to take their business to the next level.

All members own, manage or run a small business. They tend to be masters of their own ship. They make the decisions. They choose how serious they want to get with their marketing. They choose the objectives they want to reach, they choose which areas they want help with, and we assist via our online resource, fortnightly meetings, workshops, training, coaching and consultancy.

How we will help you Grow Your Business

Upgrade to EXTRA ORDINARY member, (afterall, you don’t want to be just ordinary do you?) and the knowledge, contacts and opportunities in the Club are made available to you to help you win more clients for your products and services. When you choose to join the club, attend our regular meetings, interact with your fellow members and change the way you manage your marketing, you can expect the following:

1. You will feel more confident in knowing why your marketing isn’t working and what you need to do to overcome the issues, challenges and obstacles that are holding you back and preventing you from achieving the results you want.

2. You will have a laser like focus on who you want to work with, and why. You will focus more on who you want to work with, and those who will be prepared to pay what you’re really worth.

3. You will have a clear understanding of the problems, needs and frustrations of your target market, the impact and cost of these problems, and how you can present your solution online and offline encouraging more prospects to buy from you.

4. You will generate more back-links and traffic to your website. You will be able to raise the visibility of your site, products and services online and thus drive more interested parties to you.

5. You will be able to articulate clear marketing messages that get specific, clear calls to action and engagement from prospective customers including more emails, more phone calls, more appointments, and more orders.

6. You will receive more requests to do business from better qualified prospects. Instead of wasting time, money and energy on people who were perhaps just “shopping around” you will be able to disqualify the tyre kickers and those who don’t meet your criteria to enable you to focus on and convert interested prospects into more sales.

7. You’ll generate better qualified, higher quality referrals. The quality of the referrals you receive will increase because others will know who to refer to you and why thanks to your growing reputation that you excel at what you do in solving real problems for others – resulting in even more clients.

Business Networking Club - The Red Hand Gang

It Gets Better

Complete Our Induction Process, and upgrade from being an ORDINARY member to become an EXTRA ORDINARY Member, and…

You will:

• Discover all 4 steps in the Quantum Marketing Process
• Identify why your marketing isn’t working & what you can do to fix it
• Learn how to raise your awareness levels
• How to set and achieve realistic marketing objectives
• Discover which marketing activities are consuming your time.
• Master what it’s like to Know, Like and Trust
• learn how to take your marketing to a whole new level

You will discover:

• 12 Ways to create and redefine a powerful Unique Selling Point (USP)
• Learn the power of a Squeeze Page or Landing Page
• Find out how to generate signups via your website
• Discover 14 Ways to encourage people to give you their email address
• Master little known copywriting tips for increasing email response.
• Learn 8 Different Ways to ensure your emails get opened
• Discover 49 Ways to increase the response to your next email campaign

When it comes to marketing yourself online you will:

• Discover 7 Reasons why your online profile isn’t working
• Learn how to get a page #1 listing on Linkedin search results
• Over 50 Ways to use twitter
• Learn 42 Ways to generate traffic to your LinkedIn profile
• How to generate backlinks for FREE
• How to qualify people online in advance of meeting them
• Discover simple, powerful ways to grow your network – fast

Whe you upgrade from being an ORDINARY member to an EXTRA ORDINARY MEMBER, we will also give you access to:

• A powerful referral marketing system that works every time if you use it
• Learn how to generate 200 suspects and 30 hot leads in 60 mins or less
• Discover the 10 reasons why people hate asking for referrals & why you won’t.
• 4 Powerful tools you can use within 5 mins to generate referrals
• Discover which sites to advertise on for FREE online
• 3 Sources of referrals that you’ve completely forgotten about
• Discover 4 powerful, proven & effective questions that generate leads

As an EXTRA ORDINARY member, you will gain access to advanced powerful tactics including:

• Discover the 4 types of respondents to your marketing promotion
• Learn how to apply NLP techniques online and offline to increase response
• Discover the 4 simple reasons why “professionals” often fail to sell their services
• 3 Concepts of time that can prohibit, prevent and restrict your success in sales
• How the creator of the “Wonder Woman” character can help you win more sales
• How to anticipate and manage what a prospect does next during your sales meetings

And for those who are very serious about their membership, you will learn:

• How to generate £10,000 a year tax free for you & your partner from your business

By Now You Might Still Be A Little Skeptical.

And so you should. Thinking you’ve heard it all before. Perhaps, but I want to demonstrate that everything I share in the club, I’ve done, experienced (and endured) and I share what I’ve learned from many of those very painful lessons, so you don’t have to repeat the pain I went I through in the early days.

Well, although, I stay 60 miles north of Aberdeen, and 14 miles past the back of beyond; thanks to the knowledge, contacts and opportunity that are shared in this club; I have 400 testimonials on the UK’s oldest social networking site, and achieved 100 personal goals on there too. I’ve also written a few books, one of which is on Amazon, the others are inside.

Business Networking Club - The Red Hand Gang

Last, but not least…

1. Re-read the entire contents of this page, print them off and read them, then go to step 2.
2. Do you want things to continue the way they are? (Or do you want them to improve?)
3. Just One Client in the next 12 months, will help pay for your EXTRA ORDINARY membership, should you decide to upgrade after you’ve proven what we offer – works.
4. What if that client gives you 2 new referrals after you follow the advice we offer in the club. Do you want to turn away that future business? Think how much that advice could be worth to you if you keep getting 2 referrals from every new client we help you win, over the next 3 – 5 years?
5. And what if you want to EXIT, sell or hang up your guns in the not too distant future? Will you be grateful that you learned about how to increase the life time value of a client, afterall?

Let’s make the next 12 months, the best you’ve ever had


Fraser J. Hay

The Venture Catalyst
What IS the next goal or objective that you want to achieve?

P.S. If you want real help, guidance and support for your business, then apply to join today, and I promise to get back to you within 48 hours to arrange a convenient time to chat on the phone. Why? Well naturally you will have questions for me, obviously I’ve questions for you and typically a 10-15 minute phone conversation will enable us both to decide whether we like the cut of each others jib, and allow us both to decide whether we each wish to take your membership application further or not? Does that sound fair?(I think it does)

No False Promises. Just Real Help IF you want it.

(Your Choice)

CLICK HERE to Apply to Join

and arrange a convenient time to chat