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So what do I do?

I’m a ” venture catalyst “, helping individuals to identify, pursue and achieve their entrepreneurial goals and objectives.

What IS the next goal or objective that you want to achieve for you or your business?

The Venture Catalyst

A Common Problem.

These days, everyone appears to be an expert. Everyone’s offering advice in blogs, in videos, on their website, on their social networking profiles and at “FREE” workshops and seminars. Problem for many, is that quite often the advice on offer is often too vague, its outdated, too intellectual or simply not explained in clear, concise practical terms. Some of the essential elements are either not included or “not known”.

Worse still, not only is the advice on offer NOT actually been followed, experienced or implemented in real terms by the “expert” or organisation offering the advice. 9 times out of 10, people experiencing problems with their marketing are spending the majority of their time dealing with the symptoms because they simply don’t know why their marketing isnt working.

Many pre-start, start-up and stagnating businesses don’t know whats holding them back and preventing them from achieving their marketing goals and objectives.

Do you?

You dont need any new ideas or some smooth talking, smartly dressed marketing type to “sell” you new ideas, no – You need to know why your marketing isnt working!

The Venture Catalyst

A potential Solution.

This is often true for pre-start, start-up and existing small business owners who want real practical advice on things like marketing and generating new business. They don’t want untested, unproven, text book theory, or intellectual ramblings from an aging academic who’s never been out of the classroom.

They want real help from someone who understands their issues, who’s been there in the trenches and has experienced the same pain, the same stresses, and knows what it feels like to fail and succeed in running a small business.

They need someone who knows what the signs are, the indicators…and more importantly who knows why these problems, issues and challenges occur, and how to address them head on – without costing a lot of money (money you can’t afford to waste).

The good news is… there is help available for those who are prepared to accept and implement the help, and from someone who’s actually been there and had to address similar, if not identicial issues to you.

The Venture Catalyst

How come?

Small business owners are sceptical, mistrusting and quite often it takes a lot to convince them that they’re making the right decision. I can understand that for I’m Scottish, and every penny is a prisoner, it’s accounted for, and I hate parting with them.

Many believe they need to know, like and trust the source of the help or be personally introduced to them by someone who’s already benefited from what’s on offer. Many stop themselves embracing people that can help, and thus , often continue to experience “feast or famine” syndrome, increased frustration and opportunity cost as a result of the symptoms of their entrepreneurial problems, issues and challenges that go un checked or resolved.

If your marketing isnt working, can you really keep doing what you’re doing, ignoring the signs, and denying yourself the ROI, the lifestyle and the help that could be yours?

The Venture Catalyst

What do you need to do?

Sometimes, the best advice we receive can come from the most unlikely sources, and can often manifest itself by the questions we are asked, instead of the unwanted advice we receive or are offered.

Sometimes, it can simply pay us to stop, take stock and consider why we may not be achieving the results we want.

When your competitors want more leads, want more traffic, more sales or referrals, they want to know HOW to generate more leads, more sales etc. Unfortunately for them, what they don’t know is, there are actually 2 steps before that

Mindset, Strategy, Tactics

Far too many people are focussed on the HOW, they completely miss the “WHY” step, and “WHAT” step, so end up continually being in a “feast or famine” cycle, and simply don’t know why or what to do about.

You can prevent that now today, by completing the first step of the process by accepting my FREE marketing audit above.

Many people view marketing, coaching and consultancy as an expense instead of an investment. Investing in these areas can often be the #1 defense against attrition, low productivity, and a lack of real progress and results. It can sometimes show a return of 500% or greater.

What would you prefer? Continue being frustrated and stressed by the lack of results from your marketing, or would you lack to take the first steps of a very powerful, proven and practical process, that guarantees progress as soon as you take the decision to complete it.

The Venture Catalyst

Some information about me…

For the last 10 years, I’ve been helping, advising and on occasion “getting stuck in” on behalf of individuals with their start-up, self employment and small business marketing problems via my guaranteed consulting, coaching and training services.

I’m a former Shell Livewire Scottish and UK Winner, Royal Bank of Scotland and Prince’s Scottish Youth Business trust winner. I’ve successfully sold businesses in the past, and yes, I’ve also been screwed, blued and tattooed over the years , and learned massively from the school of life. I’ve also dined with Royalty and was even asked to be an ambassador for Britain and speak about “enterprise” on behalf of our Government abroad.

I’ve got over 300 videos on youtube, been featured in the national press and on TV, have a few testimonials for you to browse.

I think it’s fair to say that I am simply passionate about all things marketing and being self employed, and helping those who run, manage or want to start their own business.

Can I help you?

Maybe, maybe not. But this profile isnt about selling me to you, no. It’s simply raising awareness of some of the issues (among many) that small business owners have to face. It’s also about what it is I offer, to whom and hopefully you and others will remember what it is I do and offer,so you can point people to me that you know who may be struggling with their marketing.

There is however, one way to find out very quickly if I can help people you know in your network and for FREE. Simply ask them to visit the site too, and to sign up for one of my FREE Audits or to get in touch directly for a FREE no obligation chat to see what questions I can ask that may be relevant to helping them find clarity, direction and to start generating the results they want.

My phone number again is 01542 841319.

No false promises – Just the offer to help you, IF I can, and if not, I’ll point you in the right direction…

Decide which area you need help with, and don’t forget to sign up for a FREE membership at Grow Your Business Club.

So, what IS the next goal or objective that you want to achieve?

Is it Personal Development (Mindset), starting a business or taking an existing one to a new ‘level’(Strategy) or Understanding Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working (Tactics)?

Remember, and sign up for a FREE membership at Grow Your Business Club.



Fraser J. Hay


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